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Experts claim that golf is anything from 50% to 100% mental. So why not spend more time honing your mind skills, by 'working smarter on your game, NOT harder'. All players (from the highest ranked PGA tour pro's to novice amateurs) interested in quickly improving their scores, consistency and enjoyment of golf can benefit from enhanced competitive mental toughness.

This section includes the following:

Topics – several short mind-game improvement articles originally published in Golf Monthly (UK)

18 to 9 in a year – a series written for Golf Monthly (UK) as the golf psychologist as part of a team of experts successfully assisting an 18 handicapper become a single figure player within 12 months

Tiger - some secrets to his amazing success and how to master them yourself!

You will enjoy reading these short articles if you want to learn new ideas, pick up practical tips and read about the most exciting developments and performance innovations guaranteed to accelerate performance and success in golf. Based on cutting-edge research by MIND4Golf of the most recent and emerging developments from the field of golf psychology and the practical application to real-life coaching assignments and regular talks and workshop events.

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