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Recommended INTRODUCTORY Reading List (2004)

Golf Psychology, Transcendent Golf, NLP, Sports Psychology

Golf Psychology

The Golf of Your Dreams. Dr Bob Rotella with Bob Cullen. Simon & Schuster. 1997. (or any other books and tapes by the same author).

Quantum Golf. Kjell Enhager. Warner. 1991.

The Eight Traits of Champion Golfers. Graham and Stabler. Fireside. 1999.

Transcendent ('Spiritual/Meditative') Golf

The Inner Game of Golf. W. Timothy Gallwey. Pan Books. 1979

Golf in the Kingdom. Michael Murphy. Penguin. 1997.

The Cosmic Laws of Golf. Printer Bowler. Berkley. 2001.

Extraordinary Golf. Fred Shoemaker. Perigee. 1996.

Golf and the Spirit. M. Scott Peck. Pocket. 1999.

NLP & Golf

Masterstroke: use the power of your mind to improve your golf with NLP. Dr Harry Alder & Karl Morris. Piatkus. 1996.

NLP (introduction - general)

Introducing NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming: psychological skills for understanding and influencing people. Joseph O'Connor & John Seymour. Aquarian. 1990.

Unlimited Power. Anthony Robbins. Simon & Schuster. 1988.

Sports Psychology

Peak Performance. Charles Garfield. Warner. 1984.

Mastery. George Leonard. Plume. 1992.

Winning. Frank Dick. Abingdon. 1992.

The New Toughness Training for Sports. James Loehr. Plume. 1994.

Sven Goran Ericksson on Football. Carlton. 2001.


Little Red Golf Book. Harvey Penick with Bud Shrake. CollinsWillow. 1992.

Golf my Way. Jack Nicklaus. Fireside. 1974.

Golf Magazine’s Complete Book of Golf Instruction. Harry Abrams. 1997.

The mystery of Golf. Arnold Haultain. Chapman Billies. 1908/1997.

Tiger Woods How I Play Golf. Golf Digest. 2001.

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