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Exclusive professional mind game mastery coaching designed to raise your game or recapture lost form

MIND4Golf have many years practical proven experience in helping some of the world’s top ranked and aspiring PGA tour professionals to fulfil their competitive, scoring and playing potential. We have worked successfully to assist players in taking their game to the next level by dealing with all competitive mental, psychological and emotional issues successfully. This ‘competitive mental toughness’ work is specifically designed to lower stroke average and improve consistency, enhance tour ranking, as well as grow your on-course and endorsement earnings.

Winning-Form Coaching

Rapid-Comeback Coaching

To guarantee success requires serious commitment, by the player wanting to succeed and the MIND4Golf Academy assisting to fulfil promised or proven potential? These exclusive programmes aim to deliver dramatic benefits. By improving playing performance, enhancing your life, and increasing your earnings. We are only able to work with a few players at a time, who want to master raising their game when it matters the most, make a rapid comeback, or do both, make sure you are one of them?

Case studies - During 2004 and 2005 we will be publishing some cases studies on these pages to give you a better idea of the spectrum of work we have addressed.

A balanced portfolio - Our PGA tour professionals services use a balanced ‘whole person’ approach:

PERFORMANCE - 'Mental game' COACHING - golf is anything up to 100% mental - all aspects related to competitive mental toughness, mind game and performance enhancement of your on and off-course psychological, mental and emotional fixes and skills development.

BUSINESS - Charisma MENTORING - Personality presence, charisma development and character moulding for enhanced media appeal, to increase global marketability. This will maximise off-course earnings by attracting more lucrative sponsorship deals.

FULFILMENT - Personal COUNSELLING – using psychotherapy to resolve any issues or problems that affect the individual's all round well-being, satisfaction and happiness. These could be private, relationships, health (eg. eliminate/reduce the symptoms of allergies like hay fever) and lifestyle that contribute to the accomplishment and enjoyment of success and fulfilment.

To discuss further - To discuss the work we have done, the issues we have resolved, who we have worked with, the results we have helped players accomplish, and what we can do for you? Contact us NOW with your unresolved mental game playing blockages, problems or issues, or unfulfilled potential, dreams or aspirations.

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Hear what one pro said about learning the secrets of winning tournaments, and moving into the top ten in the money list

In just a few months of ‘competitive mental toughness’ coaching with David Norman, this PGA European tour professional not only won his first tournament, but won twice within a few weeks as well as breaking the course record along the way, after seven years hard graft without winning any trophies, many missed cuts and perpetual disappointment.

On this remarkable journey of mental mastery he increased his record of top ten finishes six fold, virtually eliminated missed cuts, only missed one out forty four starts (2%), whereas prior to coaching, in the previous forty four he missed sixteen (36%). His on-course earnings increased by 250% achieved by playing in fewer tournaments, as he moved up the rankings from top eighty into a top ten position.