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Better Golf for Better Business Workshop

How to use the power of your mind to play better golf and achieve superior business performance

A US golfing magazine recorded the golfing skills of 51 Chief Executives and compared their results, with the three year stock market performance of their companies. The 11 bosses with the best handicaps (average 12.4) were from companies with the best share performance. The 11 poorest golfers (average 17.2) belonged to the worst performing companies. The Sunday Times revealed a similar pattern for the UK. Jack Welch former Chairman and CEO of GE is a case in point. A 2 handicap golfer who ran the largest company in the world for 20 years with a compound share price growth of 20%. Just how do you perform that well over two decades, and also play such amazing golf?

Experts agree that golf is anything up to 95% 'mental' and is a powerful metaphor for learning valuable lessons, like; achieving focused goals, managing anxiety and fear, confidence, concentration, dispelling disappointment, discipline, competitiveness and remaining calm under pressure.

Who Would Benefit?

All directors, executives, managers, sales, HR and other professionals who play, or are merely interested, and want to discover how excelling at golf, or other sports for that matter, can enhance their personal, career and professional performance.

Workshop Objectives

You will learn how to use the power of your mind to improve consistency, concentration and confidence, to lower your scores and handicap in golf, whilst improving business success.

New Skills You Will Master

  • GOLF - focus on the target you want to hit rather than on the hazards you want to avoid. BUSINESS - maintain focus on the specific goals you want to accomplish rather than on the problems you don't want.
  • GOLF - positive self-talk, visualisation and concentration are essential to success. BUSINESS - empowering language, imagination and confidence are vital to leadership excellence.
  • GOLF - looking back from the greens yields at least as much value as looking forward from the tees. BUSINESS - Planning back from the future is as insightful as projecting forward.

To discuss further please contact us directly.

Business Team-Building Workshops

To balance the business part of your corporate golf days we can offer an inspiring range of in-company business workshops, courses and programmes. We are experienced at organising, designing and facilitating all of these course topics, available as standard, customised or bespoke events. They are provided in collaboration with Leadership DynamiX (another division of our company). The courses available include the following:

  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Communicating for Results
  • Compelling Presentations
  • Successful Goal Achievement
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • Language for Change
  • Performance Coaching
  • Accelerated Personal Development
  • Introduction to NLP in Business
  • Practical Thinking Skills
  • Values Alignment
  • Collaborative Team Building
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    Golf as a powerful metaphor for business success

    Describes how improving mental game techniques provides unique insights for business improvement, sales success, team development and rapid learning in an organisational context.

    Impress your clients, directors and employees at your next corporate golf day - Book a keynote golf/business psychology talk