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Unique accelerated playing performance enhancement
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MIND4Golf have a proven track record designing and facilitating corporate golf day keynote briefings and one-day activity events. These talks can be used to liven up your corporate golf day events with an interesting, memorable and inspiring talk on Golf Psychology. So instead of the traditional morning of 9 or 18 holes, trick artist demo, PGA tour/teaching pro clinic, why not enhance your ‘mind game’, learn the mental secrets of golf’s greatest legends, and improve your confidence, consistency and results.

Golf Day Keynotes

The inspirational corporate golf day talk is packed full of practical tips and ideas, as well as simple mental drills and techniques that can be applied immediately to improve your most valued clients, directors and employees golf game. As well as enhance their business, relationships, change, leadership, motivation and team-building. There are two engaging, stimulating and inspiring talk topic options designed to improve a players mind game alone, or improve a players mind game AND business performance.

One-Day Instructional Events

MIND4Golf offer three unique, exciting and inspirational Corporate Golf Day Instructional Events – the Corporate Golf IMPROVEMENT Day - for experienced players (with or without a handicap). The LEARN Golf Basics In-A-Day - for those who have never played and want to learn, or beginners. The Business Golf EXPERIENCE Activity Day – for a mixed ability group of non-players and experienced players (including single figure handicappers).

Business Team-Building Workshops

For your next corporate event, pre-sales meeting, director development, motivation activity or executive team-building exercise then consider the benefits of booking a business workshop. You might like to consider the specialist workshop Better Golf, Better Business that uses the lessons from golf as a metaphor for business improvement. There is also a wide range of other contemporary business topics to choose from.

Traditional coaching methods and the amount of time required to learn or improve make it almost impossible for many busy executives to take up and play golf successfully - until now that is! Now, amazingly, in just a few hours of expert instruction, using the unique MIND4Golf method, rapid effective learning and improvement is not only possible, but you will have ample opportunity to prove it playing in the afternoon game, and more importantly you can expect to continuously and effortlessly improve your game, long after the event.

What the deputy editor of Golf Monthly said about a MIND4Golf event:

"Do you find an excuse to avoid playing golf because you don't want to embarrass yourself? Well, LEARN Golf Basics In-A-Day courses combine sports psychology with simple instruction techniques to enable beginners to grasp the basic golfing skills and to instil confidence to go out on the course. Much of the emphasis is placed on the psychological aspect of the game . . . ensuring you have the correct mental approach. On the instruction side, don't expect lot's of in-depth analysis of how to grip the club, how to grove the perfect swing or get the right posture. The technique adopted is 'look and learn', as you study the . . . swing for long irons, the short game and putting . . . are simple and easily practised."

Gary Martin. Deputy-Editor. Golf Monthly. September 2001.

Venues – events can be arranged (or can offer instruction only) at many prestigious golf club locations throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. Through our association with Karl Morris we can offer special rates at Wentworth Club if you wanted to consider this world class venue to stage an event. Close to London, the famous castellated Clubhouse has a elegant interior and meeting rooms, an exclusive hotel and gourmet dining, that reflects the traditions of the Club. With three 18-hole Championship courses and one 9-hole course of Surrey heathland and woodlands, the club hosts three prominent professional tournaments every year. There are also tennis courts, 3 pools, a fitness center, spa and restaurant and bar.

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