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One-Day Public Seminar/Clinic

The Ultimate Golf Mental Fitness Event

How to Play Better Golf by

Learn how to use the power of your mind to play more confidently, enjoyably and consistently to lower your scores and handicap

Instructor: David Norman.
Golf psychologist, mental skills trainer and 'competitive mental toughness'
coach to several PGA European Tour Professionals.

For dates, booking details and to reserve your place on this exciting event and get on the fast track to golfing mental mastery.

Who should attend: Players of all levels, from novices to pro's, who want to quickly fix some of their mind game problems, improve their game or take it to a new level.

At last ... here is the event you've been searching for. In just a few hours you will learn many useful tips and ideas, practical techniques and valuable skills guaranteed to improve your mental game and quickly lower scores by several strokes.

Experts agree that golf is anything up to 95% mental, and developing the mind is the key to playing to your full potential on every hole. We will teach you how to overcome the mental bunkers in your own mind and gain full control over your emotions, thoughts, images, beliefs, moods and feelings.

As you read through this brochure you may notice how this unique MIND4Golf seminar and clinic will not only show you 'what' to do to get the performance and results you want, but 'how' to get them, like changing or improving:

By attending the practical MIND4Golf public seminar/clinic, a members club sponsored talk or one-to-one coaching, some of the mental keys you will learn about will include:

  • Accuracy and distance by strengthening mental resilience
  • Negative self-talk, thoughts and images into empowering self-beliefs
  • Bad moods, feelings and emotions into positive self-control

  • Inconsistency into a greater consistency

  • Poor concentration into focused attention

  • Low self-confidence and doubt into high self-confidence

This unique MIND4Golf seminar is based on integrating the secrets of mental mastery of golf's greatest hero's, with global best practice in accelerated human achievement. This practical skills-transfer seminar will show you step-by-step how to harness the power of your mind to seriously improve your game.

For dates, booking details and to reserve your place on this exciting event and get on the fast track to golfing mental mastery.

What we will cover during the day...

1. Why Improving the Mental Side will Help Your Game

  • The Mental Game Paradox (90% important/10% practice). Beyond sound fundamentals, success in golf is mental.
  • What is the 'Mental' Game? Confidence, negative self-talk, fear, doubt, anxiety, determination, patience, pessimism, failure, blame, concentration, nerves, aggression, yips, bad habits, swing-thoughts, calmness, temper, bad moods, optimism, choking, self-esteem, persistence, anger, desire, temperament, discipline, worry, uptight, trust, trying too hard, attitude, pressure, fatigue, being at ease, etc.

  • Evolution - of the mental (mind, body and spirit) game in golf: positive thinking, visualisation, inner-game, hypnosis, muscle memory, 'being-in-the-zone' research, energywork, sports psychology and NLP (neuro linguistic programming).

  • Mastery - Learn about some of the mental mastery secrets of tour pro's and, the games greatest hero's and legend's.

  • Mental Bunkers - Why overcoming the mental bunkers in your mind will enable you to get the results you want, in golf (business, relationships and life!).

2. Going for Your Golfing Goals - Positive, Measurable and Realistic

  • Aim - Discover the power of WIN goals. You need to know what you are aiming at? Every shot, every game, every tournament, every season.
  • Results - Develop a goal hierarchy of dreams, visions, goals and outcomes for concrete results. Understand how to turn 'what you are trying to avoid and don’t want' language into the positive vocabulary of 'what you want' words, images, sounds and feelings to ensure success.

3. Removing the Bunkers in Your Mind - Negative Self-Talk and Beliefs

  • Positive Self-Talk - Learn to turn negative self-talk (inner-thoughts, internal dialogue, words), destructive self-images (pictures in your 'minds-eye') and limiting self-beliefs into positive and proven winning performances.
  • Reverse Limitations - Discover how self-limiting phrases like; "I can't ...", "I am hopeless at ...", "Don't move ...", "I see complete disaster ...", I feel bad ...", "I'm no good at ...", "I'm useless at this shot ...","I dread ...", " I never ..." - can be turned around.
  • It’s Only Words - Understand how semantics and 'only playing with words' can profoundly influence your scores, confidence and consistency.

4. Seeing Pictures in Your 'Minds-Eye' - How to Visualise Correctly

  • Imagination - Understand why most players do it badly, or not (at least consciously) at all and, how to do it well? Sometimes 'visually' gifted players 'see' disaster. Guess what they get? If this is a problem, learn how to change negative into positive images and results.
  • Pre-shot Pictures - According to Jack Nicklaus, accurate shot placement is 50% visualisation. You will learn how to make practical improvements to your mental pre-shot routine to improve accuracy, performance and results.
  • Visualise to Actualise - Identify areas where you want better performance, fulfilment or results? Generally, if you can't imagine it, you can’t do it! Whatever area of your game (as well as relationships, career, and life itself)?

5. Developing Empowering Feelings - a Playing State of Mind & Body

  • Empowerment - Learn how to overcome negative emotions like; fear, disappointment, impatience, indecision, doubt and anger, to create empowering feelings of; concentration, optimism, motivation, calmness, patience, determination, competitiveness, care-freeness, self-esteem, persistence, etc. and play more successfully.
  • Conditioning - Discover how to design effective personal resource anchors so you can play any shot, from off-the-tee to putting, with confidence, composure and consistency. Learn how to control over-excitement, acute anxiety, adrenaline and nerves. Learn how to get in powerful zone/flow/groove states.
  • Playing-in-the-Moment - Understand how to change (or better forget) negative and destructive emotions, moods, nerves or states after a bad shot – and even the ecstasy and excitement of a great shot. Especially where they linger and influence playing the next shot, several holes, the rest of the round, or even subsequent games. Learn the secrets of playing-in-the-moment to get on your game.

6. Tricks to Learn from Tour Pro's to Help Your Game

  • Performance - Learn how to mentally rehearse 'excellence' fundamentals through solid mental drills and routines like; learning to trust your swing and forget mechanics, visualise shots, importance of the short game, rely on feel of the greens, accept results of any shot and let go of anger and frustration, stay in the present and not worry about the outcomes.
  • Psychology - You will learn about harnessing the power of your mind to beat first tee nerves, build immunity to intimidation by opponents, avoid humiliation, overcome fear of water and other hazards, recover from a bad start, groove your swing, cure anxiety of short/pressure putts, build strong memories of a good shot, and reverse the psychology of unlucky holes.

Despite impressive advances in swing analysis and club technology, diminishing returns limit real opportunities for sustained playing improvement. By contrast the potential for developing your mind game is virtually unlimited.

At this event you will enjoy the opportunity of learning exciting new golfing mind/body skills, drawn from the best of positive thinking, sports psychology, visualisation, inner-game, muscle memory & the new mind technique of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

The event format is professionally designed to optimise and accelerate knowledge-transfer, learning and skills development. It will be part seminar and part clinic, using a mix of practical exercises, demonstrations, presentations and discussions, and will include a short workbook to take away with you.

For dates, booking details and to reserve your place on this exciting event and get on the fast track to golfing mental mastery.

Your Expert Golf 'Mental Game' Coach, Trainer & Instructor.
David Norman. BCom (Psychology). CEng. Certified Master hypnotist. Certified NLP Trainer.

David has a proven track record as a successful golf psychologist, ‘mental game’ skills trainer, and 'competitive mental toughness' performance coach, to some of the world's top PGA tour professional players. He has been a regular writer for Golf Monthly (UK), has appeared on Sky TV Golf Extra, and presents frequent talks to amateur players at members clubs and corporate golf days. He also has a 10 year track record as a successful executive leadership coach to many business leaders, directors and managers in blue chip firms. David holds degrees in psychology, business, economics and engineering. A trained psychotherapist, master hypnotherapist, master TimeLine therapist and internationally certified trainer and master practitioner of NLP.

NB. FOR PREVIOUS DELEGATES ONLY – you are entitled to a special 33% discount, if you have attended a previous event.

You can be expected to learn more, in less time, by attending a single accelerated life skills-transfer training course like this one, than in other 'traditional' courses. You can learn even more, acquire more knowledge and sharpen your skills at deeper level, by repeating this course. This is for two reasons. 1. We continuously innovate to incorporate new ideas, techniques and skills, and 2. The course is carefully designed and skilfully presented on many different learning levels (language, senses, learning styles, etc.) to accelerate your learning, enjoyment and skills-transfer. If you want to be an even better player, learn at a deeper level, and fully master your mental game. Take the next step to even greater success then book to attend again now.

Available as a members club sponsored event.


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FOR PREVIOUS DELEGATES ONLY – you are entitled to a special 33% discount, if you have attended a previous event.