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Improving Your Mental Game for Golfing Success

Whatever work you do on your swing, if your mental game is inconsistent, then you can absolutely guarantee your play will be inconsistent! Improving your game by developing solid mental skills is amazingly simple, effective and enjoyable.

How does the 'mental game' work? Experts claim, beyond sound fundamentals, anything up to 95% of success in golf is mental. Simple. Just concentrate more on the 95%. Despite having bought the latest power driver and working hard on your swing, you may have found (despite scientific validation of the importance of swing plane, club head speed and angle, etc.) the 'faults and fixes' technical approach to success is for most players, difficult, slow and frustrating.

By attending the practical MIND4Golf public seminar/clinic, a members club sponsored talk or one-to-one coaching, some of the mental keys you will learn about will include:

  • How to turn negative self-talk, destructive images and limiting self-beliefs into winning results.
  • How to visualise your shots correctly - if you can't imagine them, you can't do them!
  • How to overcome negative emotions like anger, fear and doubt and turn them into positive and empowering feelings of confidence, calmness and control.
  • Learn the secrets of concentration and playing in-the-moment to get on your game.
  • Tricks to learn from tour pro's to help your game like, how to; beat first tee nerves, overcome fear of water and other hazards, recover from a bad start, reverse the psychology of unlucky holes, cure anxiety of short/pressure putts, and much more.

Developed for serious players of all levels, intent on lowering their scores and handicap. These different events will teach participants how to build 'mental toughness' into their game to quickly improve distance, power and accuracy, be more consistent and confident, get more enjoyment out of the game, and put on a good show to impress friends and business clients, despite practice time limitations. The three activities designed specifically for amateur players of all levels include:

What delegates said about a recent MIND4Golf one-day golf mental-fitness seminar/clinic event ‘How to Play Better Golf by IMPROVING YOUR MENTAL GAME’ event, viz:

"I now drive my ball nearly 40% further off the tee, to an average 250 yards with greater accuracy, have lowered my putting by at least 3 strokes/round, and can now keep cool under pressure enabling me to win my first major club event after trying for 25 years! The prospect of cutting at least 6 shots off my handicap is now real and attainable" Bob, 18 handicapper from Gerrards Cross.

"I have knocked nearly 2 strokes (and my wife 4) off my handicap, have attained greater accuracy, improved my concentration, patience and confidence, and achieved my best competition result (runners-up) in the past 5 years". Ian, 17 handicapper from Surrey.

If you want to get similar results quickly, then book to attend this unique event. Designed and presented by David Norman, successful 'competitive mental toughness' golf psychologist to several PGA European tour pro's, has been a regular mind game columnist and contributor to Golf Monthly and appeared on Sky TV Golf Extra.

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