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The MIND4Golf Academy

The MIND4Golf Academy is the sole innovator, developer and supplier of the unique MIND4Golf method programmes for all players, from world ranked PGA tour professionals to high handicap amateur players

Our broad experience, deep knowledge, commitment to continuous innovation, and advanced skills, ensure that we remain at the leading-edge of global mental skills development for golf. To accomplish this we have developed the unique MIND4Golf ‘competitive mental toughness’ method. Designed wherever possible to deliver dramatic step-change performance improvements by focusing on results, performance, consistency and enjoyment.

All our programmes are based on a holistic approach underpinned by broad expertise, deep knowledge and advanced skills drawn from many disciplines: sports psychology, advanced NLP, hypnosis, psycholinguistics, high-performance (zone/flow/peak) state management, muscle memory programming, positive thinking, visualisation, deep relaxation techniques, accelerated learning, and much else.

Our sense of purpose is to find ever more effective and faster ways in which players can develop their mind to realise their full playing potential. This includes on-course mind-game and accelerated off-course mental development, training and preparation. An important and unique distinction of our work is our ability to work with all aspects of the mental game within an integrated, holistic and balanced mind-body framework.

Just imagine . . . if there was one guaranteed way to simply lower your scores and handicap by several strokes, avoid embarrassment, and play more enjoyably and consistently. There is! This is it. The MIND4Golf portfolio of unique services.

You can find out details and information about MIND4Golf Methods and Your Instructors background, credentials and experience.

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