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Welcome to MIND4Golf

Play better golf by improving your mind game

Experts agree that golf is anything up to 95% mental. However hard you work on your swing, if your mental game is inconsistent, then your scores will also be inconsistent! Developing the mind is the key to playing to your full potential on every hole. We offer a broad base of performance improvement services as specialist: golf psychologists, mind skills trainers and competitive mental toughness coaches.

  • Resolve Your Mental Game Problems - We explain step-by-step how to overcome: mental blocks, 'hazardous' thinking, lack of concentration, indecision and impatience, negative self-talk, poor pre-shot routines, competitive pressure, fear of unlucky holes and bad shots, fear of water and other hazards, anxiety/intimidation of others watching/talking, and banish anger, fear, nerves and frustration when it matters most.
  • Take Your Game to a New Level - These unique accelerated performance development services will enable you to learn many useful tips and ideas, practical techniques and valuable skills guaranteed to improve your game, boost performance and lower your scores. You will learn how to improve distance, power and accuracy, and build confidence, concentration and consistency, and get more enjoyment out of the game. Lessons, mental drills and positive changes that you can apply straight away, and get immediate improvements in your next round.
  • A Proven Track Record - We have many years successful experience coaching some of the world's top 100 and lower ranked PGA tour professionals, with our unique winning-form and rapid-comeback programmes. Delivered many successful one-day public seminar/clinics for amateur's and teaching pro's, coached dozens of amateur players (from hackers to scratch players), and presented talks to hundreds of players at members clubs and corporate golf days.
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The MIND4Golf Academy will empower you to harness the power of your mind to play more confidently, enjoyably and consistently, and lower your scores and handicap. By taking your performance, learning and enjoyment to a new level. In the meantime why not check out your mind game with the Golfing Personality Test.

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